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Sea view and forest|Izukougen

背後には色づく山並み。全面には自然な雑木林と海への眺望を活かした Weekend House

Red-colored mountains behind.A natural thicket around the house. Weekend house with seaview


Sunset deck space with a large roof at the southwest corner.


Between Japan borrowing the mountains behind.

外部で用いる意匠の下見板をエボニーブラックで仕上げて吹抜け空間に据える。大黒柱と板の間、畳の間が、古色民家の香りを放つ。都市を離れた温泉地。 少しノスタルジックなムードもよい。


The clapboard for the design used outside is finished in ebony black and placed in the atrium space. The space between the main pillar and the board, and the space between the tatami mats give off the scent of an old-fashioned private house. Hot spring resort away from the city. A slightly nostalgic mood is also good.




If you look far into the horizon, your mind will lighten. Sunset deck overlooking the setting sun.The higher skip floor is continuous with the deck. On the low side, the table and bench for the outside rice are connected.

別荘を創る|Resort style|Healing and relaxing|Weekend house|別荘感覚で創る

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