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A home with a workplace

Create your place|your place

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From many houses

Work space was woven well

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Take a copy of each person's work and work form

Your place / your place

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A living space with a workplace

Be more lively

Creating a healthy relationship between workplace and living space

A home with a workplace

Our Special Projects 2020〜2022



Healthy relationship between work and home

Room type | Space type | Corner type | 20 cases

Create highly independent space

Working Place

Room type

Workplace of Harare | A study like a hideaway

Go out to the terrace on the 2nd floor and head to the workplace where you feel like you're out. The spirit of returning to a secret base created when I was a child. I'm alone here.


A home with a kids school. An ideal structure that secures the back service flow line while completely separating the two entrances.

Home office connected by the back line
A place of work and hobbies that makes use of the dirt floor

An approach to the soil that penetrates the pilotis. This dirt floor that connects to the southern garden in a slender manner complements the workplace and helps create a multifunctional living space.


Despite being a private room, you can feel the line of trees on the approach road and the change of the sun through the open-air structure so that you can concentrate on the space.

A workplace with a soft curved space that encourages relaxation
Private room DEN & common space Two types

A moderately small workplace that contrasts with the expanse of a family space with a large sense of unity. Create a diorama desk. The long counter desk workspace facing the atrium is the reading corner.

A tea-drinking type workplace where you can get a little closer without taking off your shoes

A house and office space for Miya carpenters who has continued since the Muromachi period. The hearth that connects the street floor and the hearth connects the town's community.


It's a waste to work alone.

Connection with hobby garage,

The relationship with the outdoor space is also a fun plan.

Good connection with the garage
Workplace with courtyard

Measures ventilation and lighting in the dry area

By damping the moisture out of the air, we were able to create a workplace where the environmental conditions were comparable to the ground floor.

A comfortable underground space that makes use of the site conditions with steps . Domadan's warm space.

Using the ancient samurai residence as a hint, use the entrance as a gallery and work space.

Create by expanding the function of the entrance
Spread to town

Workplace shape that expands within the living space

Working Place

Common  Space type

Tied with a blow-through bridge

Sanctuary as a work place while positioning it in a large integrated space of living and dining | A case that created a sanctuary.


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Surrounding the blow-by
Long counter

You can achieve a certain level of calm by controlling your line of sight without adopting a private room type workplace. The waist wall is a transparent material.



A fresh blue
Impressive Working Space
Spend bliss near an important book

This place where you can feel the beautiful sunset is a place where you will want to stay for a long time, tied to a sturdy bookshelf that can accept large books such as your favorite art books and photo books.

Also accept memorable items
Multitasking place

A deep red wall is a workspace that shows everything you put on it impressively. A place like a cafe facing the dining and living areas and the courtyard.

Working corner that effectively and comfortably devises limited places

Working Place

Corner type

While living corner
Calm overlooking the garden
Study space

Workplace where you can enjoy the silhouette of the trees in the garden in the evening with a stylish shoji screen. Indirect rays from the top light are soft.

Connecting the living room with the music room

A music room where the tile floor area can be divided by a large sliding door. A desk corner installed in a place that bears a turning point in space.

Knot between private room and family space
Minimum study corner

A good example of creating a calm corner during open planning. Beside the spiral staircase, there is good connection with the private room zone.

Good relations with kitchen Household corner community


A staircase and a face-to-face kitchen
Tie at the counter

Example of effective use under the stairs.

The stairs are connected to the desk as they are, creating a sense of unity.

The entire railing of the staircase
In the work corner

Positioned like a landing on a skip floor, this place also played a role in not isolating the private room space.




Healthy relationship between work and home




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