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Wet and Dry Garden



Busy doctor couple's guest house. A resort feeling created in an overcrowded city.

乾いた庭、潤いのある庭。奥行きがないにも関わらず、玄関、リビング、キッチン、浴室、部屋に応じてDryとWetな屋外空間を接続することで、 狭さを感じさせないガーデンリゾートが完成している。

A dry garden, a garden with moisture. By connecting the Dry and Wet outdoor space according to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, room, despite having no entrance, depth



A garden resort that does not feel narrow is completed

Dry & Wet Garden Concpt

別荘を創る|Resort style|Healing and relaxing|Weekend house|別荘感覚で創る

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