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Local environment, landscape and history | Building relationships with urban structures


Local environment, landscape and history | Building relationships with urban structures


Correlation with urban structure

The Tokyo Station / Yaesu East area consists of a grid-like urban structure that extends from Edo. The Kajibashi-dori, which runs through the area in a sudden slant, is based on the side road of Hatchobori, which has disappeared due to the debris processing of the war. The origin can be seen by stacking Edo old maps. Along with the Echizen excavation (Kameshima River) that remains in front of the project site, here Shinkawa has the uniqueness of the town during the Edo period.


If you light up the deep eaves of the top of the building in the evening, the relationship with the road will be prominent, and its presence will be recognized from afar.

Body set on land
Face to the city

The planned site is not a corner lot, but the posture of the top of the building facing the old Hatchobori promotes visibility from the street even in the daytime. This stance was consistent with the planning, and the corner sash was heavily used so that the line of sight could be projected in an oblique direction, which led to the effect of shifting the line of sight from the front hotel.

Local environment, landscape and history | Building relationships with urban landscapes

12th floor community  Rooftop garden


Correlation with urban landscape

Many commercial areas in Chuo-ku, Tokyo are surrounded by buildings that are close to the boundaries of the site, and this site is no exception. This project will provide a living space in such a dense area as a skyscraper that exceeds 40 m. In the early stages of design, we repeatedly observed and considered the surrounding buildings. As you raise the stand point, "Kojibashi-dori," a block away, approaches the main site and slips past your side! Beside that, this discovery, which strongly reminds us of the existence of one of Edo's leading moats, Hatchobori, suddenly raised the potential of unchanging land. We value this relationship in a variety of dimensions, from making appearance impressions to dwelling unit plans, landscape plans to opening treatment.

SHINKA overview
Rental housing | Number of units | 24 units
Tenant | 3 divisions
Community | Sky Terrace & Event Hall
Trunk room | 8 sections
Planning / Design / Supervision | Hasegawa Architectural Design Office
Construction | Tatsu
Structural Design | Nishizono Structure Office
Facility Design | ZO Design Office
Acoustic design | Showa Onkyo
Landscape | Sora Associates


The eaves are stored behind the eaves without feeling the evacuation hatch.
→ Create a slit in the hatch width to erase
Highlight the ribbon window with shadows
→ The surface of the glass handrail and the tile surface are flattened, and the detail that extends to the handrail without finishing the draining plate of the sash with the sash is added. A stainless eave creates a shadow to emphasize the free elevation

Impression making with Inner frame
Out-of-frame condominiums in the surrounding area. As a design that is different from the curtain wall office group, the exterior is not affected by the columns and beams, and the variety of dwelling units is reflected in the facade. The main structure of the set-back cedar board frame exposed to the outside stands out so that the lighting is stored on both sides of the beam. The appearance of standing up from the first floor to the top floor emerges in the evening.

Performance and Design | Soundproofing / insulation / shading
★ [Quiet] making | Thorough T3 sound insulation level in all openings. Improving the performance value of urban rentals.
★ Eaves are installed on all openings on the south side.
The whole is in the shadow. It also has strength and can be used as a foothold on the maintenance of the outer wall.

Solving problems with underground structures 

-Frame plan including piles-
The JR Keiyo Line runs 24m underground and crosses the site. Land with severe load restrictions on the shield. Not only distributed load restrictions but also concentrated load restrictions are particularly severe. As a solution to the problem, the shield tube has a flat and cross-sectional structure that can be cantilevered within the regulation range so as not to apply a vertical load. In addition, this area will be used as a light well for daylighting, and the open space on the window and the evacuation passage will be resolved at the same time. The Chianti club starts from the underground pit. The pile on the diagonal side is deeply squeezed to withstand pulling out to compensate for the reduction of the frictional force of the short pile part that is subject to the regulations immediately near the shield.

Considering the thresholds of towns, houses and communities
By utilizing the Chianti part as an eaves space, a long approach made a gentle wheelchair slope. Coupled with the large elevator that can carry the piano, in fact, wheelchair musicians enjoy not only their living area but also the roof garden and the underground hall, enjoying their maximum independence.




Dialogue with the city | Opening with a view of the Urban element
12th floor | Rooftop garden | The cityscape that does not stop working as an artery of the city for 24 hours is like swaying illumination.



Dialogue with History | Memory of Edo and Hatchobori
11th floor | SOHO | Office Overlooking the terrace from the meeting space. Hatchobori, which was a beautiful waterway during the Edo period, is no longer in existence, and the side roads of that time have been inherited and carry a strong urban structure. With a plan that responds to this axis, the line of sight is drawn far away, and the intersection of the line of sight with nearby hotels and offices is eased.

Roof garden | Summer day view

【Deck space as large furniture】
Providing relaxation in a free posture, such as lying down, leaning, or sitting

Enjoy with friends ・ Enjoy your own time

A rest space set up on the top floor as a common area for rental apartments. An outdoor space as a place where you can enjoy the casual community and the time alone that urban residents want. It is also widely used as a breathing space for home work.


⬆️ Avoid the fire spread area on the glass screen and use no frame Thick glass and back mullion resist wind pressure. Steel pipe is fire resistant  Paint finish. Aluminum panel for eaves ceiling

Roof garden | Autumn dusk

A place that meets lifestyle value and lifestyle


The rooftop floor where residents can freely relax. A place where you can feel the noise of the city and the spread of Sora. The messy rooftops of the 30m buildings that exist in the surrounding area are cut from the line of sight, and a view of the skyscrapers is mainly taken. Birds carry weed seeds.

11th floor office floor | 11th floor SOHO

The pale green crystal glass screen is around water. A workspace where a shower booth is installed and you can live in response to SOHO usage.


SHINKA | 10th floor | Premium

The concept of shining urban traffic like illuminations is adopted for all dwelling units. It reduces the visual pressure of the front business hotel.

Working corner that effectively and comfortably devises limited places

Island kitchen with a counter corner overlooking the city.
I never get tired of seeing the scenery of the road that does not stop activity for 24 hours.

A soundproof special room connected to the living dining room through see-through. It can be played for 24 hours and no sound leaks into the bedroom.

A bedroom that can be used continuously between lids.
An easy-to-use plan for home work.

Bathroom with natural ventilation and abundant daylight. Plan facing the balcony.

SHINKA 11th to 8th floors

Material resonance

Working corner that effectively and comfortably devises limited places

Combination of solid materials
The octave of the musical motif is received and the floorboard is entrusted with the ensemble effect of eight tree species. Resonance with the texture of solid concrete.

Room 2
Soundproof room type | Example in use as a theater room

Living room # 3
Type without soundproof room | Cedar formwork Large walls form a living board.
A living room with natural lighting and natural ventilation is like a living room.

← Room 1 bathroom
Bring light to the living room
Function as a space between lights

Good light environment

Around the water like a lighting fixture
Utilizing the unique expression of crystallized glass as a vertical element, all types of water spaces function like living luminaires. It possesses a strength of 300 kg / M2 and is independent.


A new lifestyle provided by the soundproof room
【Quality of tranquility】 Spatial performance that meets the age of telework

3rd-7th floor

Performance design techniques

Accept activities such as light exercise, yoga, hobbies, movie interference, etc., with sounds and vibrations that cannot be achieved in a normal room. Many residents use it as a home office. Some households are raising infants.

Working corner that effectively and comfortably devises limited places

★ The soundproofing performance between dwelling units is basically 100 dB, which is an unmeasurable level of noise.


Tenant zone connecting buildings and towns

SHINKA 1st and 2nd floor tenants

Rental apartments darken the city. Bicycle parking lots, evacuation stairs, parking lots, etc. occupy the road surface. This area used to be an office district, and there were shops in the lower part of the building, but the building was rebuilt into an apartment complex and lost its vitality. We have determined that tenants are also effective as a mechanism to bring brilliance to the streets. Exchanges between local residents, neighboring office workers, and SHINKA residents are occurring.

The special shape of the stainless steel marion, which shows people passing by, is recessed in a circle. The concave front has a mirror finish, and the others have a vibration finish, giving a strange reflection. On the other hand, back mullion is a solid steel and phosphoric acid treated jet black presence.

Residents have both privacy and publicity

1st floor

While creating a lively atmosphere for tenants and halls, we have established an entrance in a deep location to ensure the comfort of residents' lives.

2B material of stainless steel
Silver plasterer
Brass, zinc painting
Material such as

Underground Hall | Front approach stairs
Solid planks procured from domestically produced timber of different seeds. Play the beginning of the music hall, approach.

From the approach stairs, you can get a glimpse of the inside. People who come and go along the way, being invited by the sounds that can be heard faintly

Working corner that effectively and comfortably devises limited Event hall where local residents gather, flowering of modest local culture



Creating a powerful and powerful background is image processing in which the shadow of the performer is less likely to interfere. Produce various events.


A floor made of luxury Furano Mizunara. The lower structure of the floorboard is a floor for light exercise, and prepares for music education such as rhythm. A sound absorbing / reflecting panel of 4 meters square is installed based on a floor sound absorbing thickness of 250. We aimed to create a sound absorption plan that emphasized the sound by stacking three types of solid boards with a sound absorption layer behind them.

SHINKA HALL         Seated | 50-70 seats

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